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Smilemakers – going the extra mile for your smile

There are so many things to take into account when choosing the right dentist for you. We know that you want somewhere that can meet your needs in terms of treatment offered, friendliness, professionalism and convenience.

oral-healthWe also know that there is an x-factor involved and this is met by the extra, patient centred practices that we pride ourselves on. Choose our clinic, Smilemakers, to find a dentist in Southampton that will go the extra mile for your smile.

Looking for a dentist in Southampton?

At Smilemakers, we offer all the usual dental services such as check ups, crowns, fillings and hygiene services. We do our best to ensure that you have a good visit every time you come and that any work that is required is done swiftly and as comfortably as possible. We look after you as well as your teeth.

Our cosmetic dentistry offering is comprehensive. We offer veneers, replacement teeth, realignment and whitening. One of our top services is a full smile makeover where, in consultation with you, we design the smile you want using the latest technology and plan the treatment you need to get there. We want you to feel revitalised by the confidence you have in your smile.

In addition, we also have a range of facial aesthetics available such as Botox, dermal fillers and Dermaroller at our clinic in Southampton. ‘Dentist’ used to be a word that just made people think of what is inside the mouth but now, we can offer perfection to your whole face. It is a big decision to make and we can help you with advice and plenty of information about treatment methods, length of effect and budget.

Why choose us as your dentist in Southampton?

When you come to visit us, we think you’ll see why we’re a trusted dental practice for many people. From routine visits and treatment to major dental work, we have plenty of experience and know how to give you a personalised service. With up to date technology, excellent standards of hygiene and a fully insured practice, we think you’ll find that we have all bases covered when it comes to making you feel confident about our dental care.

Routine dental checkups, the key to good oral health

Attending regular dental check ups with your dentist is far more important than you may realise and we aim to make seeing your dentist in Southampton a pleasant as well as beneficial experience.

routine-dental-checkupsYou may not realise it but during a regular dental check up our fully qualified and experienced dentist is doing far more that checking up on how well you have been cleaning your teeth! Of course the dentist will be checking for any dental decay or problems with your gums but a full routine dental check up will include looking at the overall health of your mouth and discussing any lifestyle choices such as smoking that may be impacting on your oral hygiene.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Regular dental check ups should be a key part of your self-care routine. When you slide off the dentist chair with a “See you in 6 months” and a wave from the dentist you may think to yourself that nothing much happened. In fact these are the sort of dental check ups we would love for all of our patients to have and we will do everything we can to keep yours like that.

As far as the health of your teeth go, prevention really is the best cure and the first and most important step in preventative dentistry is the routine dental check up with a qualified and experienced dentist. Southampton patients are encouraged to attend regular check ups. A routine dental check up can spot problems early, giving you the chance to prevent more serious problems.

A full check up

As well as a thorough examination of your teeth a routine dental check with a dentist in Southampton will include the opportunity to discuss any problems you may have had since your last visit. The dentist will also discuss your tooth care routine with you and give you advice on any improvements you could make such as adding inter dental brushes to your routine or showing you how to floss your teeth more effectively. The dentist will fully explain any treatment you may need to improve or maintain your oral health and provide you with a full treatment plan.

Knowing that your teeth are happy and healthy is one thing you can tick off your busy list and give you something to smile about.

How to choose a dentist in Southampton

NHS-dentist-in-SouthamptonWe all need a dentist at some point or another, whether it is for regular check-ups or simply someone to call in an emergency, but how do you choose which dentist to use? Below we look at how to choose a dentist in Southampton, and things you might need to consider when looking.

  1. Ask people for a recommendation. People local to Southampton will be able to recommend a dentist to you, such as Smilemakers, whether it is one they use personally or one they have heard good things about. As with any business, word of mouth recommendations is one of the best ways to go about choosing a dentist. Southampton is the home of Smilemakers Dental Practice, offering a range of dental services to our local area.
  2. Pop in and say hi. Most dentist centres are happy to welcome you in to their office to enquire about the services they offer and how they can help you. Learning about how a particular dentist works will give you the chance to see if it is the one for you.
  3. Location, location, location! As there are many Southampton dentists it is useful to choose one that is right for you in terms of location, as well as the services they offer.
  4. Dental services. Does the dentist in question offer payment plans, emergency treatments, and other vital services? Remember to enquire about these things, as they might be the sealing factor when choosing a dentist.
  5. Check their price list. It might be that you are looking for an NHS dentist in Southampton, or maybe a private practice, either way it is important to check the value they offer, especially if going private as quality can vary greatly from practice to practice. You do not want to be paying over the odds for a treatment that is not the best value. You may also wish to take out a payment plan to make paying your dentist easier, so check that it is affordable and offers the care you require. At Smilemakers we pride ourselves on our excellent value for money.

However you choose your Southampton dentist, make sure that you feel comfortable in their practice and that you feel satisfied that they offer the care that you need.

Why visiting the dentist on a regular basis matters so much

How often do you visit your dentist? At Smilemakers in Southampton we welcome new patients of all ages, and are keen to stress the advantages that regular trips to the dental practice have for both your oral and general health. The standard advice is to visit the dentist every six months, but some people may need to come in more often. If your clinician tells you that you need more frequent dental check-ups then there will be a good reason for this, and you should always follow this advice.

oral-healthPrevention is better than cure

Whatever the age of a patient, the dentist will first and foremost focus on preventative care. In an ideal world there would be no such thing as gum disease or tooth decay, but our lifestyles are often far from ideal, meaning that these and other conditions can and do occur. At our Southampton dental clinic we use early detection techniques to catch problems as early as possible.

Often, dental decay and gum disease have few early symptoms for you to spot at home. In fact, by the time they make themselves known to you, they have already had the chance to take hold. Your Southampton dentist won’t just check the outside of your teeth, but may use x-rays to check inside and underneath any existing restorations such as crowns, to be sure that teeth are really as healthy as they look.

Your dentist will also check that existing fillings, crowns, veneers and the like are in good condition, replacing them as necessary. Minor problems such as slightly cracked teeth could easily become a lot more severe, requiring more expensive and extensive treatment at a later date, so it is always better to have them treated sooner rather than later.

An important part of a dental check-up is screening for mouth cancer, which your dentist will do at every check-up at Smilemakers in Southampton. Mouth cancer still has high ratio of deaths to cases diagnosed, and this is at least in part because it is often spotted late.

Should your Southampton dentist notice anything of concern, they will refer you to a local hospital consultant immediately for further investigation.

How your dentist can get you out of pain

Dental pain can be unbearable, and the services of an emergency dentist are often required because it can drive you to distraction. You should contact a member of the team at Smilemakers in Southampton immediately if you are in severe pain.

pain-free-dentistryToothache is one of the most common reasons people need to see an emergency dentist. Even a mild toothache requires a dentist’s prompt attention, because it is only going to get worse and won’t get better by itself. If you currently have a mild, nagging, or intermittent toothache, you should book the next available standard appointment with a dentist at Smilemakers in Southampton.

There are three main causes of severe tooth pain, and what your Southampton dentist will do to ease your discomfort will depend on what the root cause of your problem is.

Common causes of toothache include:

Dental decay

Untreated tooth decay often results in pain. Indeed, it is often the first indication that something is wrong. At our Southampton dental practice we use early decay detection techniques, which means that during your regular check-up with a dentist they will look for early warning signs of tooth decay, often before you have experienced any problems yourself.

Your Southampton dentist can remove any decayed areas and, depending on how bad the problem is, may place a white filling, a porcelain onlay or inlay, or a crown to strengthen and protect your tooth.


Pain is often the first sign of tooth infection. This happens when bacteria gets into the pulp or nerve at the centre of the tooth. Even a tiny crack can be enough to let that bacteria enter the tooth, so you should visit your Southampton dentist promptly if you’ve damaged a tooth.

Root canal treatment is needed to treat an infected tooth. This will require at least two appointments at our Southampton clinic, and is pain-free.


Broken teeth require an emergency dentist. At our Southampton dental clinic we have several ways to restore broken and damaged teeth, including composite bonding with white filling material, porcelain inlays or onlays, or tooth-coloured crowns. A filling and composite bonding will take one appointment, fillings and crowns two or more.

A dentist to suit every need

When you find a good dentist, you will want to stay under their care for life. At Smilemakers dental practice in Southampton, we appreciate the importance of a strong dentist-patient relationship. We believe that it is based on trust, which can take time to establish. Our highly qualified dentists and the rest of our team will always go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy the best quality treatment at all times.

replace-lost-teethWe welcome new patients at our Southampton dental practice for general, preventative, restorative, family, and cosmetic dentistry. Whatever you need, your Southampton dentist will work closely with you to ensure that you feel fully involved at all stages of treatment, and remain in control at all times. Smilemakers’ new patient examinations cost just £30, and children will benefit from free examinations.

Below are some common scenarios we see at our Southampton clinic, along with how your dentist can help:

I have toothache

Toothache always requires a visit to a dentist. If it is severe you may need to book an emergency appointment at our Southampton clinic, whilst if it is mild you should book the next available regular appointment. Never ignore it, because it will only get worse, and usually indicates an underlying problem – tooth decay or infection.

Your Southampton dentist can usually remove all decay and permanently fill the tooth in a single visit, but if infection is behind the pain then you may need two or more appointments for root canal treatment. The priority will be getting you out of pain.

I’m not sure if my baby’s teeth are coming in normally

We offer full family dental services at Smilemakers, and welcome young children as soon as their teeth start to appear.

I’ve lost a big metal filling

Your Southampton dentist can safely replace lost or worn fillings with tooth-coloured alternatives. In the case of a big filling, it may be a better option to have a porcelain onlay fitted. These are strong and tooth-coloured.

I’ve got bad breath

This is often caused by dental plaque and gum disease. We will perform a thorough health check and may refer you to our hygienist.

Why visiting your dentist regularly is so important

Do you visit your dentist every six months? At Smilemakers in Southampton we welcome new patients for general dental check-ups, and are keen to point out that visiting the dental practice on a regular basis is important for your overall health as well as for the condition of your teeth and gums.

oral-healthWhilst standard advice is to attend a check-up every six months, in fact some people need to come in more frequently whilst others don’t need to come in so often. If you have a condition such as gum disease that needs monitoring, your Southampton dentist may recommend that you come in every three months. You should always follow your dentist’s advice.

Many oral health conditions, such as tooth decay and gum disease, have few early warning signs for you to spot at home, meaning they have often become more serious before you notice anything is wrong. At our Southampton dental practice we use early detection techniques, including using x-rays as necessary to look inside teeth and under any existing restorations such as crowns or fillings.

It is perfectly possible for a tooth to look healthy on the outside but to have areas of decay inside. If your dentist is able to spot these problems early, treatment is far simpler, less invasive, and less expensive.

At Smilemakers in Southampton we have a firm focus on preventative dentistry, which aims to stop problems before they start. This means that your dentist may recommend treatments such as fluoride varnish or fissure sealants to strengthen and protect the teeth.

Your Southampton dentist may also notice issues such as mildly cracked teeth that are currently causing you no problems, and may suggest an inlay, onlay, or filling to prevent the tooth breaking at a future date.

We carry out screening for mouth cancer as a standard part of every dental check-up at our Southampton practice. Oral cancer still has a high ratio of deaths to number of cases diagnosed, and late diagnosis is one of the main factors in this. Again, there are often few early symptoms to notice at home, but should your Southampton dentist spot anything suspicious, they will refer you to hospital.

How your dentist can stop common health problems in their tracks

Do you visit your dentist for a check-up every six months? That’s the standard advice; however, at Smilemakers in Southampton we know that some people need to come more frequently, whilst others need to come less often. You should always follow the advice your dentist gives you and have a check-up as many times as they tell you to.

healthy-gumsA survey conducted as part of National Smile Month 2016 found that half of UK adults visit their dentist twice a year for a general check-up, whilst 21% visit once a year. Only 2% of the UK population have never visited a dentist in their life.

It is important to have regular dental check-ups for several reasons – not just for your oral health, but for your general health and wellbeing, too. At Smilemakers in Southampton we welcome new patients of all ages for general dental consultations.

Whether you are new to the Southampton area or have decided to move from another practice, whether you visit a dentist regular as clockwork every six months or you haven’t been in many years, you will be guaranteed a caring, professional and non-judgemental service at Smilemakers – no matter what treatment you might need.

We are focussed on preventative dentistry at our Southampton clinic, and in many cases your dentist is able to spot the very early warning signs of common conditions such as gum disease or tooth decay, often before you have noticed anything yourself.

The problem with both tooth decay and gum disease is that there often aren’t many early symptoms to notice at home. Bleeding gums is often the first indicator of gum disease, whilst tooth decay is usually marked out by pain.

Thanks to the advanced techniques used at Smilemakers in Southampton, your dentist is often able to spot these conditions very early indeed, making treatment much quicker, simpler, less invasive, and less expensive.

Because studies have linked gum disease to a range of general health conditions, from diabetes to strokes, rheumatoid arthritis to heart disease, spotting and treating it early is vital. Both gum disease and tooth decay can lead to tooth loss, which can affect your ability to eat healthily.

Why Your Regular Dental Check-Up is so Important

Most people are advised to visit a dentist in Southampton every six months, but we know it can be tempting to skip your regular appointments if you think there is nothing wrong with your teeth. However, it’s worth remembering that small dental problems often cause few if any symptoms. By catching them at this stage, we can provide treatment that is less invasive and which will be less expensive. Any follow-up appointments for treatment are also likely to be quicker.

dental-check-upCatching Any Small Problems at an Early Stage

During your appointment, our Southampton dentist will carefully check every single tooth for any signs of lesions that could indicate the beginning of a cavity. By catching tooth decay at this early stage, we can either decide to monitor the lesion or we may try to harden the tooth using fluoride treatments. Sometimes very small lesions can repair themselves with preventative dental care combined with improved dental care at home and perhaps avoiding eating too many sugary snacks in between mealtimes. Otherwise we can fill any small lesions very easily, often by using the very latest white cosmetic fillings that will be virtually invisible and which are very hard wearing.

Renewing Old Fillings and Restorations

Another thing will be looking for is any signs of deterioration in existing fillings. All tooth restorations need replacing every so often as they can begin to crumble and leak, letting in bacteria that can cause decay and infection. By regularly replacing your fillings you can prevent this from happening.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Your regular dental check-ups also include a screening for oral cancer. Although this disease isn’t very common, one major issue is that it is often diagnosed during the later stages when treatment is much more difficult, more invasive and less successful. We want to prevent this from happening and our dentist in Southampton will carefully assess all your oral tissues including your cheeks, lips, gums, the roof and floor of your mouth and your tongue. We are looking for any changes to the colour of these tissues as well as any changes in texture. Another thing to be aware of is any sore spots that haven’t healed within a couple of weeks.

It’s unlikely that we will find anything wrong, but if we do we can quickly and painlessly take a small sample of cells to send off for analysis or we might choose to refer you to a specialist for a more detailed examination. Your oral cancer screening is very quick and non-invasive but it’s an extremely important part of your regular dental check-up and is normally carried out on an annual basis.

Get in Touch with Us If You Are Ever Worried about Any Changes to Your Oral Tissues

If you ever notice any changes to the inside of your mouth or have any sore spots that fail to heal in between screenings then we do encourage you to contact our Southampton dentist so we can take a look. We’d far rather you get in touch with us then worry about something that may well be due to a completely different problem.

If it’s time for your check-up then get in touch with us today on 02380 442626. You can also contact us through our website at

Using Facial Aesthetics to Refresh Your Appearance

An increasing number of people are looking to use facial aesthetics to help refresh their appearance. Our cosmetic dentist in Southampton is a great person to choose for these procedures as all dentists have studied facial anatomy in great detail and know exactly how your facial muscles control your facial movements. This enables dentists to determine exactly how to use treatments such as fillers and Botox to get fantastic yet natural looking results.

facial-aestheticsThe overall aim of facial aesthetics is to ensure you look refreshed and relaxed, much as you would if you’d had a really good holiday. Using these treatments to create subtle yet noticeable effects will help enhance your natural beauty through diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. So what can treatments could help you? Here at Smilemakers, we can offer you the very latest dermal fillers, Botox treatments and DermarollerTM which is a highly affordable and safe procedure to help improve your skin tone and texture.


You may already know a bit about Botox which is a tried and tested method of reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles. It is affordable and is a treatment that you can even book in your lunch hour. The effects take a week or 2 to fully materialise, but afterwards Botox should last for several months. Fine lines are created by muscle contractions and by using Botox to relax these muscles we can help to diminish their appearance. Our Southampton dentist is able to use only a minimal amount of Botox to achieve great results. Botox is an excellent way to treat forehead lines, frown lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are excellent for treating more deep-seated lines and wrinkles. As we age the face loses volume and dermal fillers will help replace some of this volume to your cheeks, lips, chin and even your décolletage. Our cosmetic dentist in Southampton uses Juvederm® which contains hyaluronic acid. This is a substance the body produces naturally, but production reduces with age. JuvedermTMproduces results that are very natural and it is softer compared with other major brands of fillers. You should find the effects last up to a year.


This is a great treatment that is extremely affordable. By using this roller over problem areas, our cosmetic dentist in Southamptonwill create thousands of micro-medical needle punctures, prompting your body to produce new collagen and elastin in response to this controlled damage to the skin. There is no need to worry as treatment is practically pain-free and we use a local anaesthetic cream to help minimise any discomfort. Treatment can help reduce scarring, fine lines and pigmentation.

Facial aesthetics can provide the finishing touch to any smile makeover or can be used as a stand-alone treatment, just because you deserve it. If you are interested you will need to book a consultation with our Southampton dentist to find out which treatments might be most suitable for you. Sometimes we may suggest using a combination of treatments which doesn’t mean be more expensive but can help to produce the most natural and long-lasting results. This might be the case if you have some fine lines that have recently developed and which will respond well to Botox but would also like to treat other more deep-seated lines that may be more suitable for fillers.

To find out more please contact Smilemakers on 02380 442626 or alternatively you will find lots of information about all our facial aesthetic treatments on our website at