4 Important Reasons To Brush and Floss Your Teeth

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As a Southampton dentist we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t give our patients as much information as possible about caring for their teeth. Some patients tell us they don’t have the time to take proper care of their teeth and we urge them to reconsider. Taking care of your teeth and gums isn’t just about avoiding bad breath and cavities, instead the mouth is closely linked with the overall health of the body.

cosmetic dentist in SouthamptonYou should visit your dentist in Southampton at least twice a year and we recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day for a minimum of two minutes plus floss once a day. If you don’t follow this advice then there’s a strong chance that you’ll get cavities, but there are also a whole host of other things you could be at risk from.

  • Gum disease – contrary to popular belief the gums shouldn’t bleed when you brush and floss, and if yours do, then you’ve probably got the early stages of gum disease. Gingivitis makes your gums swollen and red and very quick to bleed, as they react to the bacteria which is contained in the plaque that can build up between the teeth and gums. If plaque spreads then gingivitis can turn to a more severe gum disease known as periodontitis which destroys tissues and bone in the mouth and causes tooth loss.
  • Diabetes – It’s been known for some while that diabetics are highly susceptible to periodontitis but research is starting to show that the relationship between the two could be bidirectional. Because very poor dental health increases inflammation then it’s thought that it increases the risk factor of insulin resistance and diabetes, also known as ‘pre-diabetes’. Research has also shown that patients suffering from both conditions who were able to get their periodontitis under control found it improved their diabetes control.
  • Pregnancy complications – It’s especially important for pregnant women to focus on their dental care since if they have serious dental problems then their infants are more likely to develop cavities. Poor oral health is also associated with premature births and low birth weights.
  • Arthritis – Another surprising risk of failing to maintain good oral health is arthritis. Studies have shown that people with gum disease are 8 times more likely to suffer from arthritis than those with good oral health. Apparently, your immune system can be affected by bacteria in the gums which produces proteins, and the reaction can result in joint disorders.

As you can see failing to maintain your teeth and gums can seriously put your health at risk so it’s very important that you attend regular dental check-ups in order to keep your mouth in tip top condition. Why not book a check-up with Smilemakers. Besides caring for your teeth and gums, as a cosmetic dentist in Southampton we can also restore your smile with a variety of cosmetic treatments. Call us today on 02380 442626 and make an appointment with Dr Thomas Darling. Alternatively you can book an appointment online at www.smilemakers.co.uk.

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