Digital Dentistry

Advanced technology for precision dentistry work
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Digital Dentistry

At Smilemakers we remain committed to using the most advanced dental technology to make your treatment more accurate, more comfortable and faster. As a leading Cosmetic Dental Centre, we have invested in the most advanced digital scanners in the world today to ensure that you receive the highest level of treatment.


Why go digital?

With the rapid advances in technology, digital dentistry simply makes for improved dental treatment. Digital scans are faster and more accurate than traditional impressions and allow for dental restorations to be designed digitally by our skilled technicians. 3D scanning also means that you don’t have to suffer with messy and uncomfortable traditional impressions. For many people, dental impressions are very unpleasant, however, with the 3D scans at Smilemakers – you can breathe and swallow normally!


Introducing the incredible iTero® Element™, an advanced imaging system that revolutionizes the way we make precise 3D impressions. Say goodbye to those gooey materials you used to have to bite into! With this remarkable system, your dentist can quickly create a detailed three-dimensional image, providing a solid foundation for planning your treatment. Whether you’re looking to address tooth wear, make changes to your gums, or achieve tooth movement, the iTero® Element™ has got you covered.

What sets iTero® apart is its unique ability to visualize the potential outcome of your Invisalign clear brace treatment. With the built-in Invisalign Outcome Simulator, your dentist can begin planning your teeth straightening journey and present you with a side-by-side comparison of the potential treatment path alongside your current teeth. This incredible feature allows you to visualize the transformation before your custom clear aligners are even created. Trust iTero® to make your smile dreams a reality!

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