Composite Bonding

Tooth-coloured resin for smile enhancement
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Composite Bonding in Southampton

Composite bonding is a type of specialist cosmetic treatment that involves using tooth-coloured composite resin to reshape teeth. The treatment is often reversible as there is usually no need to drill the natural tooth, with the composite being bonded onto the tooth surface. It can be used as an alternative to veneers in certain cases.

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Frequently asked questions about Composite Bonding

Your suitability for composite bonding will depend on many factors, such as the position and colour of your teeth, but also what you would like your final smile to look like. Generally your teeth will need to be in good condition with enough tooth enamel to bond the composite onto.

The composite resin used is designed specifically for this treatment and is very durable. However, it is still not as strong as porcelain and can chip and break. The longevity of the treatment will be determined to a large degree by how the teeth are looked after and any potentially destructive habits you may have. These will be identified to you by your Smilemakers dentist.


  • Often reversible, involving no drilling of the natural teeth
  • Usually requires no local anaesthetic
  • Cheaper than porcelain veneers
  • Can be repaired easier than porcelain veneers when they break


  • Composite doesn’t retain its polish like porcelain and will need re-polishing
  • Weaker than porcelain and more likely to chip as a result

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