Sports Mouth Guards

A custom mouth guard is a specially designed dental appliance that is designed to protect your teeth and jaw during high-impact sports and activities.
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Sports Mouth Guards

A sports mouthguard that is tailormade for your teeth and gums is crucial in preventing serious injury when playing sports such as rugby, cricket, football and hockey. A well fitted professionally made mouthguard will not only help prevent damage to the teeth as a result of impact, but can also help protect against a broken or dislocated jaw.

Why a professionally made mouthguard?

At Smilemakers, our digital scanning technology allows for the most accurately fitted mouthguards with each ridge and contour of your teeth and gums being captured. This allows our specialist lab to craft a bespoke mouthguard which will provide you with the ultimate protection for your teeth and gums. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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