5 Dental Issues You Need to Be Aware Of Once You Hit 50

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Thanks to advances in medical technology we’re living longer as a nation and one of the implications of this is that it’s more important than ever to hang on to our teeth for as long as we possibly can. Dental problems can often affect bodily health, so it’s vital to keep vigilant and protect yourself against any potential problems. So now your milestone birthday celebrations are out of the way, here’s 5 dental issues, straight from a Southampton dentist, that you need to be aware of.

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  1. Increased risk of tooth decay – Not only does ageing cause the base of the teeth to become softer but it can also expose the tooth roots too. Both of these issues leaves the base of the tooth or around the root, susceptible to cavities.
  1. Due to hormonal changes, medications, and the natural process of ageing, the risk of dry mouth increases. Saliva is the body’s way of cleansing the mouth and teeth by washing away bacteria and loose particles of food, and without this, the risks of tooth decay and gum disease soar. You can combat this by chewing sugar free gum to stimulate saliva and by sipping water throughout the day.
  1. Most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease – Inflamed gums (or gingivitis as it’s called) is relatively easy to treat, but if ignored can soon turn into periodontitis. As a result the gums pull away from the teeth and pockets form and these can become infected. Periodontitis can cause the loss of teeth and impact on the jawbone too. If your gums are red and bleeding then seek the help of your dentist. Often more regular professional cleans can keep gum disease at bay.
  1. The risks of oral cancer also increase with age. Although medical evidence has linked it to smoking and heavy alcohol consummation, even without these risk factors it makes sense to have a regular oral cancer screen at your dental clinic for any early signs of disease.
  1. Crowded teeth can cause dental problems – Teeth can move about in the mouth at any age, but particularly as a person ages. This can mean that your teeth become crowded, putting extra pressure on your gums and jaw. More regular cleans can keep your smile more beautiful and your dentist may suggest a little orthodontic treatment with a retainer or spacer to prevent teeth shifting.

Even if you’re not over 50, you probably know someone who is, so get them to take a read of this post. Meanwhile if you’re suffering from any dental problems or need a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, then please get in touch with Smilemakers. You can call us on 02380 442626 or book online at www.smilemakers.co.uk. We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic.

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