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If you are considering choosing a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, Smilemakers can offer you a range of services to give you the smile you deserves in the time you want and considering the budget you have available.

cosmetic-dentist-in-SouthamptonWhilst dental skills are the obvious thing to look for in a great dentist, you also want to consider communications skills, especially in the case of someone you want as your cosmetic dentist. Southampton is a great city for the amount of choice you have for any of the services you need, but you will want to have ways of narrowing down your options. At Smilemakers, we believe it is our ability to listen and interpret your vision for a great smile into practical treatments that makes us stand out.

Whether you choose to have missing teeth replaced, veneers fitted or a simple teeth whitening, it is important that you understand what is going to happen at every stage, how many appointments you will need and what will happen at those appointments. Your dentist will lay out a complete timetable for you at the beginning so you are prepared. They will also talk to you about all costs involved so there are no surprises. You may even be able to spread the cost of your treatment over time to help you pay for it.

During any consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Southampton, you will be able to ask questions about your treatment and, at Smilemakers, we encourage an open environment so you can speak about anything that might be worrying you. We will talk to you about the benefits and limitations of any treatment so you have a rounded picture. We warn you if there is a possibility of discomfort at any stage, which is the case with a few treatments. You will get advice on how to manage this if it cannot be avoided. Finally, you will receive advice and support after any cosmetic treatment to help you to enjoy the effect for as long as possible or to take care of new teeth or dental equipment depending on what you have had done.

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