A dentist: what can they do for you?

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All dentists perform many important duties to maintain your oral health. Check-ups are a major part of the job and are important for patients to keep on top of their oral care. In addition to general check-ups, general dentistry involves basic treatments that can be done at a dental practice, such as Smilemakers in Southampton.

Available procedures at our friendly practice include tooth fillings and minor surgical procedures, such as a tooth extraction. Our dentist in Southampton will encourage you to practice good dental care by brushing and flossing and coming in for regular cleanings. These are good habits to get into as they can help prevent cavities and other tooth and gum diseases.

Dentist in SouthamptonWhat happens at a dental check-up?

Our dentists will check the health of your teeth, gums, cheek and tongue. This will ensure any problems are detected and treated early, preventing them leading to bigger problems, or even tooth loss.

Our dentist in Southampton will also check for signs of mouth cancer. Cancer of the tongue and oral cavity are the most common forms of mouth cancer, but it may also be found in the throat, lip and neck. Statistics from the British Dental Health Foundation show that early detection of mouth cancers result in a survival rate of 90 percent. However, delayed diagnosis can mean the survival rates plummet to as little as 50 percent.

Do I need to see a hygienist too?

Our dental hygienist is specially trained in preventive dental care. Their main aim is to professionally clean your teeth and show you the best way to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Our hygienist can also give you advice on diet and nutrition to help prevent dental decay, as well as suggest ways of quitting smoking. Certain treatments that are suggested by your dentist in Southampton, can also be done by a hygienist.

Getting a dental clean: the dentist versus the hygienist

Your dentist in Southampton will usually recommend that the hygienist is better suited for a dental clean. They have been specially trained to carry out hygiene therapies, can spend longer with you focusing just on this and will encourage and motivate you on how to look after your teeth and gums.

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