A family affair

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Trips to the dentist may not quite compare to a family holiday, but the part that can stay the same is the familial company. For some, especially children, visiting the dentist can be daunting and isn’t always appealing. At Smilemakers, we make sure to welcome patients into a friendly and relaxed environment when they need a dentist in Southampton. This complements the importance of the familiar, because we have treatments to help the whole family if need be.

Dentist in SouthamptonIf you’re looking for a dentist in Southampton that gets to know their patients and listens to their concerns, we are happy to help you achieve a happy and healthy smile. Having a steady and constant routine when brushing and flossing your teeth is beneficial for your smile, but we also encourage our patients to have routine check-ups. This allows for our dentists to thoroughly examine your teeth and even spotting signs of certain problems early so that they can be prevented.

Preventing the nitty gritty

It is not uncommon for a build-up of plaque to lead to conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. If your tooth has already gone through the damage of decay, fillings are often ideal solutions to further decay. By filling in the spaces, you will find that the shape of your tooth is restored. It also leaves less room for further bacteria to accumulate, serving to prevent anything from interrupting the appearance and functions of your teeth.

Looking great, feeling great

If you’re seeking a dentist in Southampton to improve the appearance of your smile, we offer a variety of treatments in cosmetic dentistry. This includes replacements of missing teeth, those of which appear natural and match your remaining teeth. These dental implants are a strong and long-term solution for missing teeth, fulfilling both your smile and helping you with the daily joys of chewing on your favourite foods. It can also be the case that drinking coffee and red wine and sugar in the diet can take its toll on your teeth, causing discolouration. At Smilemakers, our solution is teeth whitening treatment. This is a simple and efficient procedure, with the aim of a whiter and brighter smile.

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