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If you are part of a family, you will find that your dental needs will vary, depending on how old you are. Mum and Dad are going to need different things from their dentist in Southampton than their youngsters, and grandparents need services that are different again. It makes sense for the whole family to be able to get all their needs met at the same clinic, which is why at Smilemakers, we make a point of offering general and cosmetic dentistry for all ages.

Dentist in SouthamptonKids’ teeth

Children have particular dental needs. They need to learn how to take care of their teeth, and so we have ways to teach them how to brush effectively. Toothbrushing is a skill that can take some years to master, and so while your kids are developing their brushing, their teeth are more at risk of decay. This is even more of a risk as kids tend to consume more sugary snacks and drinks than adults. We can help protect their teeth with fluoride treatments to mineralise the enamel, making it harder, and also fissure sealants, which are painted onto the chewing surfaces to act as a barrier.

Adult teeth

Adults are concerned about having a great smile, which is why we offer cosmetic treatments, including straightening for mild to moderate misalignment issues. With Smilemakers as your dentist in Southampton, you have in-house access to braces such as Fastbraces and Invisalign. You can also get cosmetic treatments such as veneers, cosmetic bonding and teeth whitening.

Older adult teeth

As we age, our dental concerns tend to focus more on the preservation of our teeth and the replacement of those that have finally given way. We can offer crowns to strengthen teeth that are beginning to split and crumble, as well as dental implants, bridges and dentures to replace lost teeth.

For everyone

Of course, everyone needs to have a twice-yearly check-up and cleanings with the hygienist to keep plaque at bay. If we find you do need treatment, we offer all the usual general dental services: fillings, extractions, root canal therapy.

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