Are regular dental check-ups important?

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The short answer is yes, because preventive care is important. When you’re young, fewer problems tend to happen and so it may seem like a waste of time. If you miss something important you may end up with bigger health issues and larger dental bills. It is therefore important to visit our dentist in Southampton at Smilemakers if you want to take advantage of the preventive care we can offer you. It is better to spend a little time making sure your oral health is okay and catching problems before they arise, rather than spending lots of time and money trying to fix the problems you missed by not attending regular appointments.

dentist-in-southamptonYou should visit a dentist twice a year, and here’s why: dentists perform a lot of routine maintenance to prevent oral health problems that could occur if you do not attend regular check-ups. There are 3 main reasons your regular trip to your dentist in Southampton is fundamental to great oral health. They are gum disease, tooth decay and your overall well being.

What is gum disease?

Your teeth naturally build up plaque and if it’s not removed it can become embedded underneath the gums and can cause disease. It doesn’t necessarily hurt but it silently produces substances that can dissolve away the jawbone.

Is tooth decay serious?

Tooth decay is another common dental disease that can be easily avoided. A little cavity can be taken care of relatively easily by your experienced dentist in Southampton, but a large cavity can become a big problem over time.It can cause pain and swelling but also can result in the loss of a tooth.

General well being

There is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease. Uncared for teeth can cause billions of bacteria to enter your bloodstream. While bacteria normally exist in the mouth, gum disease increases their levels to a point where they can get carried into the bloodstream and have more widespread effects on your body. Gum disease is linked to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Twice-yearly visits to your dentist in Southampton can help prevent these problems from occurring.

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