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If the appearance of your teeth is something you want to improve, you’d benefit from a visit to a cosmetic dentist. In Southampton, Smilemakers has a wide range of solutions that will make your teeth more visually appealing. Sometimes, a simple treatment can have a big effect on your overall appearance.

Why might I visit a cosmetic dentist in Southampton?

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonThe aesthetic appeal of your teeth can deteriorate for many reasons. One we frequently see at Smilemakers is discolouration. This can happen gradually over many years, as the food and drinks you consume leave traces of colour behind on your teeth. If your oral hygiene routine is not quite top-notch, these traces of colour can turn into stains. Our teeth whitening treatments will remove these stains, and give your teeth a professional-looking brightness. This procedure can often be done at home, under our guidance, before being finished off with a final visit to our practice.

You might be dissatisfied with the shape of your teeth, if they have bits missing from their edges, or gaps where they ought to meet. Dental veneers will solve this for you. The veneer is a thin segment of strong dental material, securely bonded to the tooth with a powerful gel. A set of veneers will restore an orderly appearance to your teeth.

The positioning of your teeth is another reason you might be in need of a cosmetic dentist in Southampton. Prominent front teeth, crooked smiles, and crowded grins, can all be improved by realignment treatments. Our contemporary dental appliances are made of discreet materials, which minimise the unwanted social attention that can deter adults from making the improvements they need.

Considerate care

Visiting the cosmetic dentist in Southampton can change the way you feel as well as how you look. There may be a combination of dental features you’d like to improve, to help you be more comfortable when posing for photos or meeting people face-to-face. The friendly team at Smilemakers will listen to your needs, and make appropriate recommendations based on your preferences. All of our work is planned in detail and customised to suit the shape and colour of your teeth.

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