Common Dental Care Procedures For Our Older Patients

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We like to regards ourselves as a family dentist in Southampton providing dental care through the generations. All of our treatments are tailored to meet the needs of our patients, which includes taking into account the age of our patients, since at different stages of life patients tend to have different dental care concerns. This allows us to decide which restorative procedure would be the most effective and which cosmetic treatment offers the perfect solution.

oral cancerThis blog discusses some of the dental health and oral hygiene concerns that many senior patients face and helps you to understand what you may face health-wise as you too get older.

Tooth decay and damage

One of our main services for senior patients is treating tooth decay and damage. Restorative treatment involves a variety of fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns to rebuild and strengthen teeth that have been damaged by oral bacteria.

Periodontal disease and gum recession

Older patients often suffer from gum disease and gum recession. When it comes to gum disease there are numerous antiseptic and antibiotic rinses that can be used to help bring the infection under control. With regards to gum recession then we may consider gum crafting techniques which build up the gum line.

Devices for missing teeth

Tooth loss is a fact of life as people age and to replace missing teeth we commonly use dentures and bridges. However, dental implants are fast becoming a more popular option, even for the elderly, and these can be used effectively for single or multiple tooth replacement and even for stabilising wobbly dentures.

TJM disorders

TJM disorders is very painful and results from problems with jaw joints which pop, lock, or click. Fortunately a Southampton dentist can treat this problem in a variety of ways including dental restorations, the use of a bite guard and using implants for a better fit to dentures.

Oral cancer screening

The chances of getting oral cancer increases with age and it’s important to visit your dentist on a regular basis as they will be able to check your mouth for any obvious signs of oral cancer and/or carry out an oral cancer screen. Early detection means early treatment and more likelihood of a successful outcome.

Dry Mouth

The salivary glands slow down with age and this can lead to the common problem of dry mouth. Sometime dry mouth can also be a symptom for a more serious health matter. We can treat dry mouth with a variety of artificial saliva products and give you tips for keeping your mouth moist and staying hydrated.

General basics

Even though older patients have a number of unique dental concerns we never overlook the basics which is why we regularly carry out routine services on patients of all ages. This is the best way to improve and maintain good dental health for the foreseeable future.

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