Considering dental cosmetic treatment? What you should know, according to a cosmetic dentist in Southampton

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We have no control over our genetics, but we can transform our smiles with a range of treatments administered by a cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

Why live with a smile you hate? No longer viewed as a luxury that few in our society can afford, cosmetic dentistry has gained immense popularity in recent years, helping people achieve a smile they never thought possible.

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonWhether you need to reshape a deformed tooth or to add brightness to a dulled smile, there are several treatments that our dental team at Smilemakers can offer you to help you boost your confidence and change your way of life.

What is composite bonding and how does it help to improve your facial appearance?

The average adult, given he or she has a healthy mouth, has 32 teeth: eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, eight molars and four wisdom teeth.

There are scenarios, however, where for whatever reason, teeth just do not appear. Tooth agenesis occurs when your permanent teeth fail to sprout.

Missing teeth, like your front incisors, for example, might ruin a smile and dampen your self-esteem.

Composite bonding reshapes your teeth with a special adhesive that is cemented to your tooth. If you have a tooth that did not sprout, the bonding process fills the void, quite literally, to make it appear that no teeth are missing. Smile broadly in photographs and spare no thought to your absent incisor.

Dental implants

Dental implants play a dual role in dentistry. They help to keep your mouth healthy by stimulating your jaw muscles and improve your appearance by filling the gap where your natural tooth once stood.

Losing a tooth and failing to replace it is not only detrimental to dental health, but you will find that your esteem takes a knock.

Are you an outgoing person who loves meeting new people and trying out new experiences? If you are self-conscious about missing a tooth and worry yourself over the judgement of others, chances are you will limit your social activities, resulting in possible loneliness.

People who already have dentures might have concerns about their appearance. Some think their artificial teeth look fake, which in some ways constricts them. When was the last time you laughed without caring how your dentures looked? Switch to dental implants and enjoy unadulterated laughter, thanks to a cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

Tooth coloured fillings

Are you tired of the appearance of metal fillings dotted on your teeth? Perhaps a visit to another dentist in Southampton left you with a poor quality filling which is a different colour to your natural tooth?

Enjoy the discretion of tooth-coloured fittings. Made from a tooth-coloured plastic and glass mixture, your filling blends right into your pearly whites.

Say goodbye to discoloured teeth

Teeth whitening is the quickest way to a beautiful smile. Lighten your teeth by up to eight shades and enjoy optimal whiteness! Remember that certain foods and beverages must be avoided if you wish to keep your teeth white – tea, coffee and wine, all stain teeth, so remember to limit your intake or cut them from your diet entirely.

Change the way you look and enjoy a life uninhibited by your teeth – consult with our cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

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