Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone

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You may think that cosmetic dentistry is silly, that it is aimed at those who have nothing better to do with their money than spend it on looking ever more unreal. And yes, there are people like that who have lots of cosmetic dentistry, for sure. However, at Smilemakers, we love being a cosmetic dentist in Southampton because we know that our treatments transform lives.

We are known as a cosmetic dentist in Southampton because we have a wide array of treatments that are focussed on improving how your teeth and gums look, rather than being focussed on their health. If you didn’t have these treatments, it wouldn’t kill you, but if you did, oh boy!

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonTreating tooth loss

Imagine having lost some of your teeth. You can still eat, although lovely crunchy apples and steaks aren’t on the menu anymore. You can still talk, although you are a bit lispy and breathy and maybe even a bit whistley, which is a bit embarrassing, so you don’t talk as much. And you can still smile, in that the corners of your mouth can still go up and out towards your ears. But you don’t because who wants to look at a row of gaps and brown stumpy things where your teeth should be.

Put it like that, and how can going to a cosmetic dentist in Southampton be pure vanity? These may seem like extreme cases, and they are almost always older rather than younger patients but being able to talk, eat and smile is important for all ages.

Keep smiling

Our smile is our most important non-verbal tool of communication and even though you may not be at the extreme end of dental problems, if you are too embarrassed to smile, you are doing yourself out of a very important part of being a fully functional human being. What may seem like a tiny imperfection to others may not be so for you.

Whether your problems are large or small, we have a cosmetic treatment to give you a smile that will work for you rather than against you. Why not come in for a consultation?

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