Cosmetic treatments in depth

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At Smilemakers, we want you to get excited about visiting the cosmetic dentist in Southampton. You can take a look at our full treatment menu on our website and imagine the beautiful smile we can create for you.

If you are having trouble choosing the right procedure for your needs, drop in and see the cosmetic dentist in Southampton at Smilemakers. We can walk you through the possibilities and make recommendations based on an assessment of your smile.

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonSome people choose to stick to one treatment while others prefer to combine procedures for a full smile makeover. Either way, you can look forward to enjoying your new look after a visit to the cosmetic dentist in Southampton for one or more of these treatments:

  • Tooth-coloured fillings – in order to take advantage of modern developments in tooth repair, you can talk to a member of the team at Smilemakers. We take a look at any repairs that you need and make recommendations for seamless restoration. Tooth-coloured fillings might also be used to replace existing work that is doing a decent job but which looks obtrusive when you smile;
  • Replacing teeth – arguably, one of the most aesthetically damaging problems that you can have with your smile is a missing tooth. Fortunately, any gaps in your smile can be filled in a number of ways. You might choose to have a fixed solution like a dental implant. You also have the option to pick a bridge or denture to do the job. Smilemakers can discuss the various solutions with you to help you decide which is best;
  • Teeth whitening – having a brighter smile can make all the difference to your look. In order to benefit from a teeth whitening treatment at Smilemakers, all you really need are teeth that are healthy and stains that are likely to respond to the treatment. We can assess both of these qualities for you during a short consultation process. Once you have the go ahead, you can choose from two options – in-clinic or at-home whi­­tening. Either way, you benefit from dental-grade equipment and gels. You also have the advantage of advice and care from one of our dental professionals.

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