Could Veneers Help with Your Smile Makeover?

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If you are thinking about having a smile makeover then it’s highly likely that dental veneers will form part of it as they are extremely good at helping to perfect the appearance of teeth. They are also extremely versatile and can hide a considerable number of imperfections which is why they are so popular.

When Should I Consider Having Veneers?

smilemakersOur cosmetic dentist in Southampton might suggest using one or more dental veneers if you have teeth that are internally stained or badly discoloured and which will not respond to normal tooth whitening treatments. They are also good for covering up teeth that are chipped or worn down or are too small. Our beautiful veneers can help correct the position of teeth that may only be slightly out of alignment and where orthodontics is not really required. Small spaces in between teeth spaces can be closed up or minimised to help create a more beautiful appearance.

So What Exactly Is a Veneer?

Veneers are extremely thin and are custom fitted over the front surfaces of your teeth. They are generally made from porcelain and the veneers will be handcrafted in our dental laboratory before being fitted and cemented onto your teeth. Another alternative is to consider using composite veneers where the composite material can be applied directly to the surface of your teeth by our cosmetic dentist in Southampton. While this option is a little cheaper, you will need to renew composite veneers more frequently than porcelain veneers which are harder wearing and will not stain or discolour.

What Is the Procedure for Having Dental Veneers?

If you opt for composite veneers then you will generally only need one visit to our Southampton cosmetic dentist as the veneering material can be applied, shaped and polished in one comfortable appointment. For this treatment, we might not need to do any preparation to the front of your teeth. If you choose porcelain veneers then we will need to prepare your teeth, removing a tiny amount of tooth material from the front surface of the tooth. This is done under local anaesthetic to keep you completely comfortable and we only need to remove around 0.5 mm of tooth structure. It is important that we shape the teeth in this way as otherwise there is a risk that your new veneers could look bulky and unnatural. However it does mean treatment is irreversible as your teeth will always need protecting with veneers.

Using Veneers in Conjunction with Other Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

It can often be quite nice to use veneers in conjunction with other treatments and our dentist in Southampton might suggest you do this for a more conservative approach to treatment. For instance, it might not be necessary to veneer all your front teeth and you could still achieve a more cosmetically perfect effect by using veneers in combination with tooth whitening or perhaps with dental bonding, using composite resin to build up or mend any small chips or imperfections.

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