Dealing With Nervous Patients The Modern Way

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As a popular Southampton dentist, we see many patients over the course of a week, some of whom suffer from dental anxiety. We understand that many of the fears associated with a visit to the dentist can be both deep rooted and varied, and for this reason we employ a number of techniques to help the patient feel relaxed, so that we can give them the best possible care and treatment.

We practice ‘gentle dentistry’

Southampton dentistWe strongly believe that how we treat our patients is as important as our technical abilities. For this reason we continually refine our approaches to avoid placing undue levels of stress and anxiety on any patients. Dental wands, numbing gels, and air abrasion techniques all help to deliver gentle pain-free dentistry, while simple behavioral management techniques help the patient to remain relaxed and calm throughout the treatment.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer experience

It’s pretty daunting for any customer to walk into a dental clinic or see a new dentist for the first time, but even more so when you’re an anxious or nervous patient. For this reason our whole customer experience is about making you feel welcome. Our reception area for example is comfortable and relaxing with magazines and tea or coffee on hand if you wish. Our staff are friendly and sensitive to your needs, and the dental areas are bright, modern, and non-intimidating.

We minimise dental anxiety with technique

Dr Thomas Darling and the team pride themselves on developing rapports with all of their patients. Having fully understood the needs, requirements, and fears of our patients, the team deliver a treatment plan based around each individual. For instance, rather than rushing the treatment of an anxious patient our team allows them to relax fully before explaining exactly what we’re going to do. This includes how they should feel during the treatment and why they should feel relaxed and confident that they’re in safe hands.

On the whole we believe that addressing the needs of anxious patients is crucial because neglected teeth and gums through not visiting the dentist will have harmful effects not just on your their health but their overall health too. This is why we offer the best possible care for anxious/nervous patients.

If you’re an anxious patient but really need to visit a Southampton dentist then come and talk to Smilemakers. To find out more about how we can help you simply visit our website at or to make an appointment contact us on 02380 44 26 26. Don’t let your dental issues worsen because of your fears!

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