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Let’s be honest, most people feel at least a wee bit nervous when they come to the dentist in Southampton, even if it’s only for a check-up. After all, in order for the dentist to look after your teeth, you have to put yourself in a position of vulnerability, lying back in the chair while we loom over you and put metal things in your mouth. It’s enough to get anyone’s teeth chattering.

That’s why at Smilemakers, your dentist in Southampton, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a remarkably gentle dentist. Our team is dedicated to making your visit to us as pleasant and comfortable as possible, whether it’s for some serious remedial work, such as root canal therapy, or an exciting cosmetic dental treatment that will make you look even more wonderful.

Dentist in SouthamptonA good chat

Part of being able to relax in the dentist’s chair is about completely understanding what is going on. Our highly trained clinicians will always talk you through your problems and proposed treatment in plain English. We won’t make things hard to understand by using dentist speak, and we love questions, so please ask as many as you like.

For the whole family

Smilemakers is a dental practice for the whole family, and we can cater to everyone’s needs, from the little ones who are visiting the dentist in Southampton for the first time and teenagers with wonky teeth, to adults who want to brighten up their smile and older people who are starting to have to deal with failing teeth and need replacements.

More about us

Our team of five dentists is highly trained and all registered with the General Dental Council. This means you can check us all out by going to the website of our independent professional body.

We also have three dental hygienists and five dental nurses, as well as a great reception team and a practice and treatment co-ordinator. Everyone here is dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible when you use Smilemakers as your dentist in Southampton. If you would like to find out more about us, why not pop in for a chat and have a look round. We love visitors.

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