Do I need a cosmetic dentist?

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You are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, a popular choice for a growing number of adults. In the article below we explore the work of a cosmetic dentist in Southampton and how it can improve your smile.

cosmetic-dentist-SouthamptonTeeth whitening

Perfect for patients with yellow or discoloured teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will perform this painless procedure a couple of times, depending on the severity of your tooth discolouration. Whitening is also ideal for those that drink a lot of coffee, red wine, and tea. Losing the colour of your teeth is part of the ageing process, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take precautions to minimise the effects.

This is another treatment that you can get from a cosmetic dentist in Southampton. A special whitening lamp helps to activate a whitening agent within your teeth, when used with an agent that is pasted onto the tooth enamel. This procedure generally takes less than two hours and may need to be repeated every six to twelve months to keep your smile as white as it can be.


Veneers will be used by a cosmetic dentist on a patient that has overcrowding in the mouth, broken or damaged teeth, or too many gaps in the mouth. The cosmetic dentist in Southampton will use veneers to cover up your existing teeth and apply small amounts of porcelain to shape your new teeth. Veneers are a fantastic option as they can last for up to twenty years if looked after properly. Smilemakers dental centre will require you to attend around two sessions to complete the veneers, depending on the amount of work needed.

Crowns and caps

Crowns and caps will be used by a cosmetic dentist when the patient has chipped or slightly broken teeth. This is usually done over two appointments, again depending on the size of the job, and the dentist will apply the new cap to the old tooth, cementing it in place to give you a natural smile for years to come.

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