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If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, then look no more. Smilemakers are a respected and reliable dental practice, focused on cosmetic dentistry. The increasing popularity of cosmetic dental treatment has led to many practitioners entering the market. Cosmetic dentistry is much more than just teeth whitening and the latest fashions. It can provide a much needed boost to self-esteem and also improve oral health.

cosmetic-dentistWe also pride ourselves on providing high quality dentistry in a friendly and relaxed environment. We make regular improvements to improve patient comfort and give you the most relaxing experience possible. We take time to thoroughly explain our cosmetic treatments to our clients and from this we create a longer-term dental health plan so that your best interests are looked after for years to come. This is achieved through our dedicated and professional team, who take time to get to know every patient we have.

At Smilemakers we are not the kind of practice that carries out one-off treatments without knowing what you want to achieve in the long-term. We get great results and build relationships with our patients so we can continue to help improve your smile. This has earned us the strong reputation that we enjoy within the cosmetic industry. Do you really need any better reasons to choose Smilemakers as your cosmetic dentist in Southampton?


One of our most popular treatments by our cosmetic dentist is Southampton is cosmetic crowns. If you have a single tooth that has been heavily restored with a dark filling, or you have several teeth with visible fillings, then restoring their appearance with a crown may be the ideal solution for you. Our dental crowns can rebuild and reconstruct your teeth, as well as making them stronger than ever before.

Crowns and bridges can also act as an alternative to implants or dentures, providing you with a healthy-looking set of teeth that will transform your appearance.

Modern dental crowns are often used to replace older crowns and bridges, enhancing your natural smile and overall appearance. Because crowns cover the whole tooth they are an excellent solution for a variety of cosmetic issues and once they are fitted, your teeth look as good as new. This will then restore your confidence and give you back your natural and beautiful smile.

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