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Teeth do more than chew food. They help you to speak correctly and enhance your facial appearance with a gorgeous smile. Saying that, unhealthy teeth and poor hygiene can cause major inconveniences in your life and could also inflict acute pain that cannot be remedied with a painkiller.

Dentist in SouthamptonSo what do you have to do to ensure optimal oral health and hygiene? The first step is finding a dentist in Southampton to take care of, repair and correct your imperfect teeth.

People are unique in the dental issues that they experience, so finding a dental practitioner who is qualified to treat a plethora of issues is crucial in assisting your loved ones.

From straightening crooked teeth and replacing missing ones to performing routine check-ups and filling cavities, our team at Smilemakers are a one-stop dentist – we have a solution to almost every problem presented to us, and what we cannot help with we offer recommendations to specialists who can.

We promote good dental hygiene and the importance of self-care

The majority of the cases we see regularly are preventable, brought on by years of neglect by the individual.

Dental care is accessible to everyone and no longer an exclusive luxury, but despite this people are still in the dark on how best to care for their teeth, or do not prioritise their oral health as they should.

Our oral hygienist does not merely clean your teeth of plaque, but also demonstrates handy brushing and flossing techniques that will keep your mouth nearly germ-free.

The brand of toothpaste you use and your toothbrush also affect the state of your teeth. Remember that all teeth are different where specific pastes might do you more harm than good. For example, if you have sensitive teeth or gums, using tooth whitening gels might not be in your best interests. We can recommend a toothpaste that cleans your teeth without inflicting further damage.

We sometimes find that people use brushes that aggravate their gums. We recommended one with soft to medium bristles and to replace it every three or so months. An electronic brush might work better for you to reach those hard-to-reach places where germs like to hide.

Achieve a million-dollar smile with braces

Everyone wants straight teeth, and thanks to orthodontics, it is now possible to fix a crooked smile for something more desirable.

That said, straight teeth are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also contribute to dental health and hygiene. How? Straighter teeth are easy to clean, whereas with germs can hide in the crevices of misaligned teeth, resulting in plaque and tartar build-up, and eventually tooth decay and gum disease.

We treat small issues before they turn into bigger ones

People ignore the signs of a problematic mouth because they fear bad news, resulting in avoidance behaviour. Avoiding the dentist, hoping the problem heals by itself is the worst thing you can do and will only exacerbate the problem into something more serious.

Are you suffering from a minor toothache? You might need a simple filling at the dentist in Southampton before your whole tooth becomes infected. Feel like you have sensitive gums? A deep clean can remove calcified plaque and prevent the onslaught of gingivitis.

Visiting the dentist in Southampton is a mandatory part of life – make sure yours is compassionate, skilled and highly qualified to treat your issues.

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