How Can I Ensure My Dental Implants Are Long Lasting?

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When it comes to replacing missing teeth then dental implants are commonly regarded as the best option. Not only do they look totally natural but since they replicate all the parts of a missing tooth, including the root, they act and feel just like the real thing, and if cared for properly have been proven to last for at least 40 years.

Southampton dentistWhile dental implants have a great many benefits to offer, one of their downsides is their cost, which doesn’t come cheap, so it stands to reason that if you’re considering what is a substantial amount of money in most people’s book, then you want to know ways of making sure that your implants last for some considerable time.

Success of a dental implant

As a Southampton dentist we’ve placed many implants in our time and will only carry out an implant if we consider the chances of success are high. In order to be considered for dental implants we’ll first need to carry out a thorough examination of your mouth and jaw, take some X-rays and look closely at your dental and medical history. Your eligibility will be ascertained by how successful we consider the procedure will be. Since dental implants involve a surgical procedure, should you have problems with healing, then in most cases we would suggest alternative methods of tooth replacement. Other issues which could affect healing following surgery include:



Gum disease

Autoimmune diseases

This isn’t to say that you can’t have dental implants and all cases will be looked at individually. However, if we feel that you would be a good candidate then the success rate is likely to be around 95-98%.

It’s also an important requirement that you have sufficient bone in your jaw to support an implant. The bone actually bonds with the titanium post which is inserted into your jaw bone and this provides a stable platform on which to fix prosthetic teeth. It also puts an end to any further bone loss which may have occurred.

Long term success

To keep your implants healthy, it’s vital to follow post op instructions and thereafter to care for your implants as you would your natural teeth. It’s critical to maintain good levels of oral hygiene and to keep your gums healthy and free from plaque. It’s also important to maintain the health of your remaining teeth. Adopt a routine of regular brushing and flossing, both between your natural teeth and around the abutments which hold your prosthetic teeth in place. By making this kind of care an everyday habit it will prevent gum disease which can endanger implants, and stop your other teeth from decaying.

You must schedule regular appointments with your cosmetic dentist in Southampton too so that he can check on progress and ensure there are no problems or signs of gum disease. Should you develop gum disease this can seriously impact on your implants and may even lead to them loosening and falling out.

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