How your dentist can get you out of pain

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Dental pain can be unbearable, and the services of an emergency dentist are often required because it can drive you to distraction. You should contact a member of the team at Smilemakers in Southampton immediately if you are in severe pain.

pain-free-dentistryToothache is one of the most common reasons people need to see an emergency dentist. Even a mild toothache requires a dentist’s prompt attention, because it is only going to get worse and won’t get better by itself. If you currently have a mild, nagging, or intermittent toothache, you should book the next available standard appointment with a dentist at Smilemakers in Southampton.

There are three main causes of severe tooth pain, and what your Southampton dentist will do to ease your discomfort will depend on what the root cause of your problem is.

Common causes of toothache include:

Dental decay

Untreated tooth decay often results in pain. Indeed, it is often the first indication that something is wrong. At our Southampton dental practice we use early decay detection techniques, which means that during your regular check-up with a dentist they will look for early warning signs of tooth decay, often before you have experienced any problems yourself.

Your Southampton dentist can remove any decayed areas and, depending on how bad the problem is, may place a white filling, a porcelain onlay or inlay, or a crown to strengthen and protect your tooth.


Pain is often the first sign of tooth infection. This happens when bacteria gets into the pulp or nerve at the centre of the tooth. Even a tiny crack can be enough to let that bacteria enter the tooth, so you should visit your Southampton dentist promptly if you’ve damaged a tooth.

Root canal treatment is needed to treat an infected tooth. This will require at least two appointments at our Southampton clinic, and is pain-free.


Broken teeth require an emergency dentist. At our Southampton dental clinic we have several ways to restore broken and damaged teeth, including composite bonding with white filling material, porcelain inlays or onlays, or tooth-coloured crowns. A filling and composite bonding will take one appointment, fillings and crowns two or more.

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