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At Smilemakers, we provide dentistry that enhances the oral health of patients and allows them to maintain healthy teeth for the future. We also like to make sure that our patients are confident with the appearance of their teeth when they smile, which is why we provide treatments in cosmetic dentistry. These sorts of treatments focus on the aesthetic aspects of your teeth, meaning you can fix anything you feel embarrassed by when you smile.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, Smilemakers is a practice with a pleasant and relaxing environment where you can feel comfortable. The comfort of our patients comes before anything else, so that you feel confident enough to discuss any concerns you may have with one of our friendly dentists.

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonWhiter, brighter smiles

No problem is too small for us to fix, especially if it means helping you achieve the smile you desire. It might be that over time your teeth have gone through some discolouration and they’re not as bright as they used to be. If this is the case, you shouldn’t have to shy away from showing off your smile. We are a cosmetic dentist in Southampton that provides teeth whitening treatments for patients looking to refresh the appearance of their teeth.

This procedure involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. Depending on what suits you best, there are two ways to whiten your teeth. You may choose to take whitening trays home with you, into which you place a whitening gel. Daily use for a few hours or overnight brings results in a week or two. Alternatively, you can opt for in-practice whitening, which involves having a concentrated whitening gel painted onto your teeth, which is activated with a special light.

Flaunt your grin

As a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, we want to ensure that you maintain the health and appearance of your teeth. Routinely giving your teeth a thorough clean means that you can keep the shine in your smile.

Whether you’re looking to replace your missing teeth with natural-looking replacements or are looking for a teeth straightening treatment to suit your lifestyle, we are here to help.

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