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The appearance of your teeth can play a major role in the way you feel about your overall image. Relatively small things, like chipped teeth, missing teeth, and discolouration, can become sources of cosmetic worry. At Smilemakers, we have many contemporary and convenient ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. For anyone who needs a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, our services are tactful, efficient, and highly effective.

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonReasons to visit the cosmetic dentist in Southampton

Small adjustments can have a powerful effect on your appearance. We offer the full range of treatments, from straightforward teeth whitening, to long-term tooth realignment.

Many of our patients come to us to improve the colour of their teeth. Discolouration can happen gradually, as food and drink leave behind traces of colour on the enamel surfaces of the teeth. These traces slowly become stains that are very hard for you to remove at home. Our powerful whitening procedure will bring the brightness back to your smile. It can be done over several weeks, or in a single visit to the cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

Chipped teeth are another routine aspect of our work. We fix these using veneers, which are thin pieces of porcelain, custom-shaped and bonded to your teeth with a powerful dental adhesive. They’ll restore the natural outlines to your smile.

If dental decay requires you to have a filling, we can use materials that match the colour of your natural teeth, which greatly reduces the visual impact of vital repair work.

Improved outlook

We can straighten your teeth to make them look better and function more effectively. Our modern braces and aligners are extremely discreet and lightweight. Often made of transparent materials, they stay hidden inside your mouth while they enhance your dental alignment. This treatment can often be surprisingly quick, especially if you want to make minor adjustments to your front teeth.

Overall enhancements

As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Southampton, we’re always happy to discuss your concerns and recommend the most appropriate ways to achieve what you want. It could be a one-off treatment, or a series of enhancements. Whatever it is, we’ll ensure it makes a positive difference to your dental appearance.

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