Learn How Your Hygienist Appointment Can Help Your Dental Health

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We have a great hygiene department here at Smilemakers and we strongly suggest our patients come to see one of our hygienists every six months and it’s easy to book an appointment at the same time as your check-up with our Southampton dentist. By the end of your treatment you should have a mouth that feels beautifully clean and fresh and it is an excellent way to give your smile a bit of a boost and to make sure it looks extra-sparkly. However there is a serious reason why we like everyone to see a hygienist at regular intervals as it is a simple and effective way to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy.

dental-hygienistHow Hygienist Appointments Can Benefit Your Oral Health

When you see one of our hygienists, they will carefully assess the condition of your gums before cleaning your teeth. During this process they remove all the build-up of plaque and tartar that can accumulate round the gum line which is the junction where your teeth meet your gums. Even if you clean your teeth meticulously twice a day and ensure you floss once-a-day, it is still possible to miss out certain areas, allowing plaque to soon harden into tartar. The problem with tartar is that it releases toxins that infect and inflame your gums, greatly increasing your risk of periodontal disease. This is a severe form of gum disease that is unfortunately pretty common.

Not only does it greatly increase your risk of tooth loss, but periodontal disease can affect your overall health and it has been connected to many serious health conditions that include strokes, heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. By having your teeth professionally cleaned, you reduce your risk of developing gum disease while protecting your general health. At the same time, you will find our hygienists are great at helping you improve your oral health at home.

How We Can Help You Brush and Floss More Effectively

Most people think they brush and floss relatively well, but it is easy to do this task without really thinking about it or often it is done when you are in a hurry or are feeling a bit tired. It is essential to brush for at least two minutes in order to cover all your tooth surfaces. If you have an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer then this is easy to achieve, but otherwise we often find that people underestimate the time spent brushing. Our hygienists can work with you to help improve your brushing and flossing techniques and can show you areas where you may be regularly failing to brush. It’s amazing how much difference this can make and will ensure you gain maximum benefit from every second you spend taking care of your teeth. Hate flossing? We can help you as there are alternative tools that you can use that can be equally effective so just ask us for help and advice.

Remember, you don’t need to see our dentist in Southampton to book an appointment with our hygienist. To arrange an appointment with our dentist or hygienist please contact Smilemakers on 02380 442626. Alternatively you can contact us through our website at www.smilemakers.co.uk.

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