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Just like a car needs more TLC as it ages, so our teeth tend to need more care and attention as we get to middle age and beyond. By the time we hit our 40s, our adult teeth have been hard at it for nearly 30 years, biting, chewing, talking and smiling.

No wonder then that they can start to show signs of ageing. Typically, these are:

  • worn edges
  • discolouration
  • receding gums.

Dentist in SouthamptonThose are the cosmetic indicators that our teeth have been around a while. But all that eating and drinking, particularly of sugary foods, could mean that we also have teeth that have lots of fillings in them, or are starting to get loose in their sockets from gum disease. And, if you are someone who grinds their teeth at night, then your teeth might be crumbling away as well.

At Smilemakers, your dentist in Southampton, we understand how important it is for our patients to hang onto their natural teeth for as long as possible, and for them to look fresh and bright too. That’s why we offer various treatments to help you feel good about your natural teeth for as long as possible.

White and bright

One way to keep your teeth looking good is to have them whitened. Whitening removes surface stains from tea, coffee, smoking and more. You can also have your amalgam fillings replaced, as and when they wear out, with white fillings, which are stronger and more durable than ever before.

Hiding imperfections

At the dentist in Southampton, we can cover over damage with veneers and cosmetic bonding.

Keep teeth going for longer

If you have large areas that need filling, inlays and onlays are custom-made porcelain covers that go over large cavities. If your teeth are starting to split or crack, but the roots are still healthy, having crowns put over them can protect the entire tooth and make it much stronger.

Lost teeth

Talk to your dentist in Southampton about replacing lost teeth with dental implants. These replace the crown and the root of the tooth and keep the jaw stronger for longer.

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