Need Teeth Replacement? – What Are Your Options?

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As a general and cosmetic dentist in Southampton we see many people who come to us with missing teeth and are keen to find out how we can help them. The good news is that for most people there are several options open to them, so let’s take a look.


cosmetic dentist in SouthamptonIf you’re missing just one or two adjacent teeth then you might want to opt for a bridge. As the name suggests, a prosthetic tooth or teeth ‘bridges’ the gap where the tooth once was. It can either be held in place via a framework which is supported by other adjacent healthy teeth, or if two or more teeth are missing, then it can be supported using a dental implant. Implant retained bridges require a short surgical procedure, while the other two types of bridge (Maryland and conventional) don’t. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages, so it’s well worth speaking to your dentist to find out which is best for you.


Modern day dentures are a far cry from dentures of old. They’re lighter, more comfortable, and indeed more life-like than their predecessors and can be made from metal, acrylic, or flexible acrylic. Dentures come in two types and these are full and partial. Full dentures are ideal for people that are missing entire rows of teeth, or alternatively have had most of their teeth removed because of their condition. Conversely, a partial denture is an acrylic or metal plate with prosthetic teeth attached to it. It can replace anything from one to many missing teeth. Conventional dentures are often held in place by suction alone but, like bridges, both full and partial dentures can also be held in place with dental implants giving the wearer peace of mind.

Dental implants

Dental implants are both functional and versatile. They can be used for replacing individual or multiple missing teeth and as already mentioned can also be used to support a bridge or dentures. Unlike dentures, implants are permanently attached giving the user a more natural tooth-like appearance.

So how do they work?

A titanium rod (the implant part) is first secured into the jawbone. After a period of time the surrounding bone tissue fuses with the implant to provide a strong platform. This can then be used to support a single crown, framework for a bridge, or an entire set of dentures. Initially dental implants are more costly than other methods of teeth replacement, however once in place they offer a hassle free option that can last for many years.

It’s good to know that you don’t have to suffer with missing teeth. Instead come and speak to your Southampton Dentist. At Smilemakers Dr Thomas Darling and the team are on hand to listen to your requirements and provide the best solution based on those needs. To book an appointment, contact us on 02380 44 26 26 or to find out more information or make a booking then check out our website at

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