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Life is one long selfie opportunity these days, but have you noticed how many people don’t smile in their photos? Instead of conveying a sense of joy with the world, pouting selfies make people look spoiled and grumpy, or maybe they just have terrible teeth.

Go on, give the world your biggest grin if you’re going to go with the trend of posting selfies. Say no to the pout, and go for the big fat smile. And if you’re worried about doing so, then come to Smilemakers, your cosmetic dentist in Southhampton, we can sort you out.

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonA variety of solutions

As your cosmetic dentist in Southampton, we have a whole range of treatments up our sleeves that can transform you from a pouty person into a beaming smile person. And what with smiles being our most important non-verbal communication tool, you’ll soon find yourr number of followers going up and up.

If you are a pouter because you don’t think your teeth are white enough, we can change that. We can do it in an hour or so if you come into the clinic for treatment, or we can fix you up with a take-home kit where you can gradually whiten your teeth to your desired shade over a couple of weeks.

Maybe you have got a gummy smile? Sometimes this is because the gum grows too far down over your teeth, or you may just have too much gum tissue. Either way, we can use laser treatment to cut and seal the gum all in one go, reducing it without causing much bleeding at all.

Or maybe your teeth are too small, or too gappy, or frankly, just a weird shape. Sometimes you have just one tooth that’s wonky and the rest are perfect, or you have staining that won’t go away with whitening. All these problems can be banished by having veneers fitted, or cosmetic bonding. These two treatments both cover over imperfections. Veneers are sheaths of porcelain made in the lab and then fixed onto the fronts of your teeth. Cosmetic bonding is shaped onto your teeth by your cosmetic dentist in Southampton and hardened in place.

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