Should you ask your cosmetic dentist in Southampton about crowns?

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When it comes to caring for your teeth we have a plethora of procedures at our disposal to help your smile last well into your twilight years. From implantations to correcting a crooked tooth or two, there’s a lot we can help you with.

One particular treatment our cosmetic team would recommend for patients looking to buff up their pearly whites is crowns. Here’s a few helpful facts about why you should be asking your cosmetic dentist in Southampton about crowns.

What is a crown?

If you have never heard of this procedure before it basically involves the placing of a prosthetic cap over your tooth, like a crown. It’s mainly used to cover up cracks or any other damaged portions of your teeth.

It’s a fairly common procedure for our cosmetic dentist in Southampton and the caps themselves are normally made from porcelain or a type of ceramic that’s shaded and shaped to blend in with the surrounding teeth. The goal of it blending in is to provide you with a natural looking cover that compliments your smile.

At Smilemakers our talented team will have your crown fitted quickly and with minimal discomfort to leave you with a great looking set of teeth.

How are they fitted?

The fitting process is pretty straightforward and our team shouldn’t take too long to have it fitted.

The process usually begins with a consultation and inspection of the area to figure out the size, shape and colour of the crown as well as the correct location for it. This is to make sure that the cap being placed will match and look like a real tooth covering. During the inspection there may also be a small reduction in the area of your tooth that the cap is being placed, this can be for a number of reasons but your dentist will usually discuss any alterations first.

A mould will then be taken of your tooth and this gets sent off to a lab that will produce your new crown. The fitting is relatively quick and it’s held in its new home with a dental adhesive that’s then cured to solidify it and provide a stable base for the crown.

Are there life benefits?

There are a number of positive reasons to having this procedure performed. Chief of which is that it provides a replacement covering that looks like the rest of your teeth. Another is that it’s a pretty fast treatment, so you don’t have to spend too long sitting in one of our chairs in the practice.

How to care for your crown

Keeping your new crown clean is incredibly simple. Just brush it as you would the rest of your teeth, but do pay special attention to how hard you press your brush as you may dislodge the cap.

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