Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

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Everyone would love a beautiful, healthy and attractive smile as after all it is often the first way we communicate with someone we have just met. One way to do this is through exploring cosmetic dentistry and often this can be far more affordable than you might have imagined. While it is possible to have costly and lengthy smile makeovers that can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your teeth, there are a number of far more affordable and far quicker treatments that can significantly improve your smile. These treatments can sometimes help improve or protect your oral health which can make them even more appealing.

What Kind of Treatments Can Help?

smilemakersHere at Smilemakers we have a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments. Some of the most popular procedures include teeth whitening and the effects can be enhanced by making sure you replace any old and stained fillings with our beautiful cosmetic white fillings.

The Benefits of Having White Fillings

This might be a good idea if you have any older style silver coloured amalgam fillings that have gone well beyond their sell by date and which may be leaking and crumbling. The same might apply if you have had composite tooth coloured fillings for a few years that have gradually become stained. All fillings need replacing every so often and it is an easy way to boost your smile while protecting your dental health. Our cosmetic dentist in Southampton uses the very latest tooth coloured composite fillings. These are strong and hard wearing and can look wonderful. Often we will use a combination of several different colours to exactly match the shade of your natural teeth so your fillings will become invisible. For larger areas of decay, we may suggest you have an inlay or onlay. These are used to repair larger cavities in back teeth and can be made from composite resins or from porcelain, both of which will look wonderful.

Finding out More about Tooth Whitening

A professional tooth whitening treatment has to be the ultimate way to quickly boost your smile and is the best way to whiten your teeth, particularly as our Southampton cosmetic dentist can use professional strength whitening gels that are far more effective than anything you can buy online or over-the-counter. Above all you could be sure that treatment is safe which is extremely important, as after all you only have one set of adult teeth and we would much prefer them to last for life. After we have fully assessed your dental health to make sure teeth whitening is suitable for you, we can whiten your teeth in one of two ways. Choose from whitening in our dental clinic, using our Zoom whitening system which is one of the most effective systems on the market, or if you prefer you can whiten at home using custom-made trays. The choice is yours, but the effects should last for several years before you need to top up your treatment.

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