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There is just no getting away from the camera these days. Everyone has one with them all the time, and it can seem like some people never put them away. Every event is captured with a smile and posted online. And that’s great if you are happy with your smile, and horrendous if you are not. You can hide your imperfections with a sultry pout for a while, but sooner or later someone is going to capture your teeth in a moment when you didn’t know you were being photographed and then it will be online for ever more.

cosmetic-dentist-in-southamptonIt’s a good job that the massive advances in phone technology of the past couple of decades coincided with big strides forward in cosmetic dentistry treatments and techniques. Now, if you want to avoid online embarrassment, you can hotfoot it down to Smilemakers, your cosmetic dentist in Southampton, for a smile makeover.

What’s on offer?

When you visit us as your cosmetic dentist in Southampton, we can offer you a good menu of cosmetic treatments with which to create a harmonious, balanced smile that you will just love to see popping up all over Instagram.

If your teeth have lost, or never had their lovely white gleam, then teeth whitening is a good treatment to start with if you are trying out a visit to the cosmetic dentist in Southampton for the first time. Whitening is the world’s most popular treatment because it in no way alters the shape of your teeth, or makes any changes to them that cannot be altered at a later date.

Another popular treatment, which does mean you cannot go back to having your natural teeth on show is veneers. These are tiny sheaths of highly durable porcelain that are fixed onto the fronts of your teeth to cover damage or imperfections. They last for about 10 years, and require a thin layer of enamel to be removed from your teeth to ensure they lie flush with your natural teeth. This cannot later be replaced.

To find out more about these and other treatments at Smilemakers, you can drop in for a chat or give us a call.

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