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Have you ever been in the position of being asked to smile for the camera and found yourself grimacing more than smiling for fear of showing teeth which are yellowish in colour and stained? Are you secretly a little jealous of friends who have dazzling white smiles and wish that could be you? The trouble is the Great British love for coffee, tea and curry doesn’t exactly help and is one of the contributing factors, along with age, for the stained teeth that you see when you look in the mirror.

Cosmetic dentistryThere are a plethora of tooth whitening systems available online and in your local chemist or supermarket which includes such things as whitening toothpastes, strips, and home kits, but to be perfectly frank, most of these are simply not that effective, and some which are particularly abrasive, can damage the enamel on your teeth. A tooth whitening process offered by any reputable cosmetic dentist such as Smilemakers in Southampton is the best way forward, and although it costs more than a DIY home kit, it’s safer, more effective and longer lasting.

Guarantees the whitest results

One of the whitening systems they provide is Enlighten Evolution which is a world leading system that has the potential to lighten the teeth to reach the whitest shade of white on the dentist’s tooth colour guide. Don’t worry that your teeth will look totally false like some of the celebrity “Hollywood smiles” that you see in magazines or on the TV. Instead your teeth will lighten to a shade which looks totally natural for your age and colouring.

How the system works?

Enlighten is a system which relies on the patient doing much of the work themselves in the comfort of their home. It begins with a visit to Smilemakers where an impression will be taken of your mouth so that a custom bleach tray can be made specifically for you. This can take a couple of weeks during which time you’ll be asked to brush twice a day with an Enlighten toothpaste which is given the name “tooth serum”. Containing hydroxypatite it helps protect the teeth, reduces sensitivity, and enhances the whitening results.

Once you receive your bleaching trays you’ll need to use the home whitening kit for 14 consecutive nights, wearing the trays on your teeth as well as continuing to brush with the serum. Once you’ve completed the 14 days you’ll attend one more appointment with Southampton dentist, Smilemakers for a short treatment lasting around 40 minutes. Don’t forget to take your trays with you! This gives a lift to the whitening and stabilises the color ensuring that it is even.

Top up when you like at home

The great thing about this particular whitening treatment is that you can top it up at home as and when required to retain the optimum level of whiteness. We recommend this system of whitening because the materials it uses are so sophisticated and yet it contains less hydrogen peroxide than many other whitening systems which require barriers to prevent the lips and gums from burning.

If you’d like to know more about teeth whitening treatments you can make an appointment with Smilemakers by calling the clinic on 02380 442626. They offer appointments to suit everyone, including evenings and Saturdays.

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