Teeth Straightening is No Longer Just for Children

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Even just a few years ago it would have been rare to hear of an adult having their teeth straightened, but thanks to the development of newer orthodontic technologies, it is becoming increasing common for adults to straighten their teeth. We can offer you a range of orthodontic options to effectively straighten your teeth, often more quickly than you would have imagined. Provided your teeth are strong and healthy, then it is never too late to get that straighter smile you have dreamed about.

How We Can Help You

teeth straighteningWhen you visit our dentist in Southampton for your initial orthodontic consultation, we will look at the way your teeth bite together and their alignment to assess the problems requiring correction. This will enable us to recommend braces we feel will produce the best and most effective solution. We can also discuss all possible options for your treatment and will explain exactly what will be involved and of course the cost of having orthodontics.

Fixed or Removable?

We have removable and fixed braces, all of which use the most advanced technologies to get the results you desire. Removable braces are a very popular option due to their ease of use and low impact on everyday life. However our fixed braces are extremely discreet and may sometimes be a better choice for correcting more complex orthodontic problems. Using fixed braces allows our Southampton dentist to have a greater degree of precision when planning tooth movements and your fixed braces will be continuously working to move your teeth. Our fixed braces can have tooth coloured ceramic brackets and very thin wires that are far removed from the conspicuous ‘train tracks’ you may remember seeing in the past. Our removable braces include clear aligners that look very much like tooth whitening trays and a system that is cosmetically oriented called the Inman Aligner and which uses metal wires powered by powerful springs to gently squeeze the front teeth into place.

What are Cosmetic Braces?

Cosmetic braces, such as the Inman Aligner are designed to only work on your front teeth that can be seen when you smile and talk. They are great for correcting minor problems such as front teeth that might be protrusive or rotated and they can get excellent results within just a few short months. The shorter treatment times are reflected in the costs of these braces so they are highly affordable. A cosmetically oriented brace might be a good option for someone with an orthodontic relapse and who previously had orthodontic treatment as a child but who has seen their teeth begin to drift back towards their original positions.

Whatever your orthodontic problems you can be sure we have the best solution to give you a straighter and potentially healthier smile that could well be easier for you to brush and floss thoroughly.

If you would like to find out more about how orthodontics could help you, contact us on 02380 442626 to book your first consultation with our dentist in Southampton or online.

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