The habits that lead to cavities

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When you visit the dentist in Southampton at Smilemakers, we offer you services to complement your oral care at home. One of these is to check for cavities. Where necessary, we can also offer some treatment and advice.

Dentist in SouthamptonCavities are a really common dental issue. Essentially they are holes in the teeth. When you eat food, the natural bacteria in your mouth process the sugars and produce acid, which eats away at the teeth if it is not brushed away. Over time, this can cause cavities. Once this happens, the holes offer extra protection for the bacteria and can lead to progressively more severe damage.

Once the dentist spots cavities, they can treat the tooth decay. If the damage is superficial, they may be able to address it by coating the teeth. If it is deeper, they may have to discuss a crown or filling with you. In any case, your dentist in Southampton will give you all the information you need to make decisions about your oral health.

Once repairs are complete, a member of the team at Smilemakers can offer you advice on how to prevent cavities in the future. This may include advice about the habits that lead to cavities such as:

  • Sugary snacks and drinks – all carbohydrates are forms of sugar that begin to be broken down into maltase by the saliva in your mouth. This is what bacteria feeds on. Anything with an excess of sugar will create more of this activity. Snacking in general should be avoided as much as possible but, if you do decide to reach for something, ensure that it is free from refined sugar;
  • Over-brushing/ brushing too hard – anything that breaks down the enamel on the teeth leaves them more vulnerable to cavities. This can include excessive brushing. A soft toothbrush is generally recommended for everyday use. Talk to your dentist in Southampton at Smilemakers about the latest brushing techniques;
  • Irregular visits to the dentist – as we said above, your dentist is an invaluable partner when it comes to spotting cavities early. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are already experiencing discomfort. A visit to the dentist or the hygienist helps to protect your teeth from damage.

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