The Mysterious Prognosis Of Dental Resorption

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At Smilemakers most people come to see their Southampton dentist because of a problem that needs rectifying. The trouble is is that in some cases such as dental resorption there isn’t always an identifiable cause.

People spend a lot of energy in life trying to do the right thing. Whether this is exercising regularly, eating a well-balanced diet for weight control, following the rules of the road so as to avoid accidents, or maintaining good oral hygiene. Even so, illness, accidents, and misfortunes can occur without any real reason.

cosmetic dentist in SouthamptonTo this end there’s really nothing we can do except to minimise the risk of something happening. Unfortunately dental resorption is one of these ‘misfortunes’ that can occur without rhyme or reason.

Even though there’s much debate over the causes behind dental resorption there is of yet no definitive answer and this is why treatment is geared towards its cure rather than it’s prevention.

So what exactly is it?

Dental resorption is usually noticed when ongoing damage is occurring to the tooth that isn’t related to decay, or isn’t any kind or breakage. As a result the body simply begins to absorb the tooth root. There are two types of resorption and these are

  • Internal and
  • External resorption

Let’s take a quick look at both of these in turn

Internal resorption

With internal resorption the problems usually start from deep inside the tooth root and then work their way outwards. It can get to a point whereby the healthy part of the tooth believes it’s under attack and lays siege to the poorly tooth root. If not spotted and treated resorption will continue until the tooth can no longer be saved. What’s more it doesn’t stop there. Just as a rotten apple in a fruit bowl will affect nearby healthy pieces of fruit, resorption can easily spread to other nearby teeth and gums.

External resorption

External issues are a little more complex to deal with than internal resorption because problems start on the outside of the tooth root in multiple places and work their way inwards. These areas include..

Where the tooth root meets the gum line

The very tip of the tooth root or

Somewhere in the middle of the root

As with any type of resorption there is generally no pain, and in some cases, no obvious signs. This is why regular visits to your Southampton dentist are key. When you visit your dental clinic as part of a six monthly check-up, X-rays should be taken at least every three years. If you do happen to be diagnosed with either internal of external resorption, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot more effective treatments on the market now, making it a curable problem, if caught early enough. This is why regular dental visits are vital, even if you don’t feel you have any dental problems.

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