Top Reasons To Swap Out Metal Fillings For White Ones

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Old metal fillings are unsightly and can make you feel self conscious when you smile. As a Southampton dentist one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments is white fillings. White or tooth coloured fillings are a safe cosmetic method of replacing your metal fillings to create an attractive flawless smile which can also repair dental damage. Read on to learn why you might want to consider white fillings.

Disadvantages of metal fillings

white fillingsMetal fillings were once the most common method of treating cavities but they’re certainly not the best method. For one thing silver metal fillings stand out from white teeth making them cosmetically unappealing and they also have several other drawbacks.

  • Discolouration – Over time silver amalgam can discolour the filled tooth giving it a grey appearance.
  • Cause dental damage – Silver metal fillings expand and contract when they come into contact with different temperatures in the mouth. For example when you’re sipping a cup of hot coffee or eating a spoonful of ice cream. Over time the constant expansion and contraction can lead to cracks forming within the teeth which can lead to fillings falling out and broken teeth.
  • Insecurity – Ugly metal fillings can lead to some patients feeling insecure about smiling because their metal fillings can be clearly seen.

So why replace metal fillings with white fillings?

White fillings are made from porcelain or composite resin coloured to the shade of your teeth and both make a great alternative to metal fillings. There are many advantages to opting for tooth coloured fillings, including:

  • No discolouration – Metal fillings can turn teeth grey over time but this doesn’t happen with white fillings.
  • Safer– Unlike metal fillings, white fillings do not expand or contract when they’re exposed to fluctuating temperatures, so they’re safer for your teeth.
  • Improves the smile – Tooth coloured fillings enhance the appearance of a person’s smile because they’re made to match the surrounding teeth. In addition the materials used for white fillings have a lustre that mimics natural teeth, so your fillings are virtually unnoticeable.
  • Custom made – Your dentist in Southampton will custom craft each white tooth filling so that it blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.
  • Stronger – Tooth coloured fillings are bonded directly to the damaged tooth which helps to reinforce the tooth structure that has been weakened by decay.
  • Renewed confidence – Since tooth coloured fillings are blended perfectly with the surrounding teeth a person will regain their confidence knowing that no-one can see their fillings.
  • Durable – Finally, tooth coloured fillings are very durable and can last for up to fifteen years.

Now that we’ve convinced you to swap out your old metal fillings don’t delay any longer. To find out if white fillings are suitable for you, schedule a consultation by making an appointment with Dr. Thomas Darling on 02380 442626 or contact us on line at

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