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Everyone has flaws that they are not unhappy about. Wouldn’t it be great to wave a wand and watch them magically disappear? Unfortunately that isn’t possible, but what is, is enhancing your facial appearance with cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentist in SouthamptonCosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that comprises several treatments that refine, reshape and redefine your mouth, teeth and gums. Some have little effect on your oral health, but by helping to improve your confidence, your quality of life is better, and your self-image is much improved.

Boost your self-esteem and feel great with the help of our cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

You have dull teeth, but want a dazzling smile?

Yellow and stained teeth are the cause of unhappiness and shame for many people. As you age, your teeth dull, a natural occurrence that is aggravated by nicotine and consuming beverages, like wine and coffee, that stain.

Transform your unsightly teeth with teeth whitening. You can lighten your pearlies by up to eight shades with trace amounts of a special bleach called hydrogen peroxide all the while sitting in the dentist’s recliner chair at the cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

The bleach solution removes the stains using a chemical reaction called oxidation reaction, that helps to lift the compounds making up the stains from your teeth.

Flaunt straight teeth

Orthodontic devices might improve the state of your oral health, but having straight teeth also has an aesthetic appeal.

When posing for photographs, do you smile tight-lipped afraid of what people think about your crooked teeth or protruding overbite? Or perhaps relentless childhood teasing has left you feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look?

There are several orthodontic devices in today’s day and age that can realign off-centre teeth over an extended period.

From traditional braces to Invisalign, we can help you achieve the dazzling smile you have always wanted.

Cover up missing teeth with dental implants

Losing a tooth is traumatic for a number of reasons. Failure to have it replace might result in a deteriorating jawbone, making once simple, unthinking tasks, like eating, chewing and talking, challenging.

At the same time, on top of a changed appearance from a gummy mouth, the structure of your jaw changes, making you look years older than you are.

Implants can replace teeth at the root, meaning your new tooth can function like the old one, making the tasks mentioned above easier once again. At the same time, by no longer having a space between your teeth, you have no reason to feel self-conscious.

Chipped your teeth crunching down on ice? Veneers cover-up minor tooth cracks

Veneers are a shell-like material, made from porcelain. They are purely cosmetic and cover up unsightly tooth stains and horrible discolouration.

The wonder of veneers allows a person to camouflage their imperfect teeth, without anyone being the wiser. Veneers are filed down to fit your tooth’s shape and size.

You do not have to resort to extreme measures to change the way you look risking disastrous results, sometimes all it takes is lightening your teeth by a few shades. Enhance your quality of life and happiness levels with a cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

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