What happens if you do not go to the dentist?

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Life can get busy and it can be tempting to cancel your dental appointment. However, think again before you do. Just as our overall health, our oral health is important. Going to the dentist may not be that pleasant for you, but putting off your appointment can lead to many problems.

At Smilemakers, we have many reasons to make you want to visit the dentist in Southampton. Our well-trained and experienced dentists can perform even the most complex treatments without causing you undue pain and discomfort. We are here to help you with all your dental problems and keep your oral health on track.

Dentist in SouthamptonSide-effects of oral neglect

If you delay your visit to the dentist in Southampton for too long, your dental health will start to deteriorate within months and you are likely to develop cavities and gum disease. Here are some of the worst outcomes that are likely to happen if you fail to visit the dentist for months on end.

Gum disease

Gum disease is an infection of the gums, which is developed in two stages. Gingivitis is the early stage and periodontitis is the advanced stage. Patients with gingivitis are likely to have sore, sensitive, bleeding and puffy gums. At this stage, treatment is possible as soon as your condition is diagnosed by a dentist. If you fail to undergo a dental examination and you neglect gingivitis, then it will turn into periodontitis. At this stage, gum disease requires more extensive treatment and may even lead to gum deterioration and tooth loss.


Tooth decay, which is usually indicated by the development of cavities on the tooth enamel, is the leading cause of tooth loss for many adults worldwide. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily is a good start for preventing tooth decay but is not enough. Only a dentist can remove plaque and bacteria from in between your teeth and your gums. Moreover, your dentist in Southampton can offer dietary and other preventive advice or treatments such as fluoride applications.

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