What Will Happen If I Need a Tooth Extracted?

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Here at Smilemakers, we do everything we can to save natural teeth and extraction is absolutely the last resort. Treatment may include fillings, crowns or root canal therapy for badly infected teeth, but sometimes the damage is too extensive and it is best to remove the tooth.

What to Expect during and after Tooth Extraction

smilemakersIf you do need to have a tooth extraction then there is no need to worry that it will be painful as we will make sure this procedure is as smooth and as comfortable for you as we can. Most tooth extractions are performed under just a local anaesthetic as the actual procedure is relatively quick. Before we begin treatment, we will have taken a dental x-ray as this allows us to plan the best way to remove the tooth. We will also need to chat to you about your general health, just to make sure you are not taking any medications that could interfere with this treatment.

After the tooth is removed, it is normal to feel slight discomfort once the anaesthetic wears off but you should be able to easily bring this under control with over-the-counter painkillers. Some people experience minimal discomfort, particularly with straightforward tooth extractions but if the extraction was more complex then you may have some swelling and it can be helpful to use an ice pack on the outside of your face to help reduce it. It is important to look after the empty socket that used to contain your tooth as if stitches were not necessary then a blood clot will have begun forming soon after the tooth was removed. This blood clot protects the empty socket against infection so it is vital not to disturb it. You will need to avoid the extraction site when you brush your teeth and it can be useful to stick to soft foods that are less likely to get stuck around this area. If you smoke, it’s best to quit for a while as it does slow down healing.

Most people will find healing is pretty quick and uneventful and you should find that any discomfort quickly disappears after the first few days. If you find the area is becoming more painful then it’s a good idea to contact your Southampton dentist as it is just possible you may have a condition called dry socket. This only affects a tiny percentage of people and is easily treated by cleaning out socket and dressing it to help it feel more comfortable, but it will slightly slow down healing.

Thinking about Ways to Replace Your Tooth

Once you have had a tooth removed, it is important to consider replacing it as soon as you can and our dentist in Southampton can discuss all suitable options with you so you are able to make a fully informed choice. Dental bridges are one possibility but dental implants are also worth a look. Even a single missing tooth can make a difference to your remaining natural teeth, allowing them to shift out of position and potentially affecting your bite.

If you would like some advice on tooth extractions or replacing missing teeth then please contact Smilemakers to book your consultation with our dentist. You can contact us on 02380 442626, or through our website at www.smilemakers.co.uk.

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