Who Can Benefit From Facial Aesthetics?

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As a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, one of our most frequently requested treatments is Botox closely followed by Dermal Fillers. Some people may find it a little strange that many dentists are now offering facial aesthetic treatments but when you consider the extensive training that dentists undergo in facial anatomy and their ability to administer injections and work within a sterile environment at all times, then it makes complete sense.

cosmetic dentist in SouthamptonHere at Smilemakers we regard facial aesthetics as a natural progression to helping you look your best, after all we can give you a perfect smile, but think how much better you could look with a little help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles to give you a more youthful look.

What exactly are facial aesthetics?

Botox is a very simple non-surgical treatment which can temporarily smooth out severe lines between the eyebrows, crows feet around the eyes, as well as fine lines around the lips and treatment will generally last for up to 6 months. Also used to help certain medical conditions Botox can be used to treat muscle spasms, teeth grinding, migraines, and jaw tension.

Dermal fillers are used to enhance, correct, or add volume to the skin, giving it a more youthful and radiant appearance. It can lift up the corners of lips, treat scars and contour the jaw line amongst other things.

Benefits of choosing your Southampton Dentist for Dermal Fillers and Botox

  • More highly trained and knowledgeable in facial and oral-facial areas than other health care professionals
  • Highly experienced in giving intra-oral injections
  • Able to offer completely painless treatments
  • Trained and accredited using latest techniques such as Juvederm and Botox
  • Extensive knowledge of dynamics of facial muscle expressions
  • Ability to consider facial proportions prior to augmentation to achieve best results
  • Cosmetic treatment can be fitted in during regular dental visits

Who can benefit from facial aesthetics?

  • Men or women showing early signs of ageing
  • Patients who don’t want to undergo plastic surgery but want similar results

If you’re interested in learning more about facial aesthetics and whether it can be of benefit to you then why not call Smilemakers today on 02380 442626 to schedule a free consultation. Or feel free to visit our website at www.smilemakers.co.uk where you’ll find more information on all the treatments and services that we provide.

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