Why visit a cosmetic dentist in Southampton?

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If you are happy with your smile, you might not think that visiting a cosmetic dentist is important. After all, what can they do for you? Truth is that visiting a dentist with a strong sense of aesthetics will enable you to continue enjoying your beautiful smile for years to come.

cosmetic-dentist-in-southamptonAt Smilemakers, we can provide you will many cosmetic improvements for your smile and prevent common dental problems that can ruin the appearance of your teeth. Our cosmetic dentist in Southampton will examine your teeth thoroughly and help you decide which treatment (or treatments) is ideal for your individual case.

Prevent tooth decay

Unlike most general dentists, cosmetic dentists are accustomed to looking at teeth in detail because their aim is to evaluate the aesthetics of a smile. Some general dentists may not examine your teeth as carefully. This could potentially leave them with small cavities, which can develop into more serious decay before they are properly detected.

Some general dentists may even cause tooth damage because they are not gentle on your teeth. Random poking and scraping can create small injuries that may lead todecay. A
has a soft touch and will ensure that your natural teeth will remain as healthy and as attractive as ever.

Have attractive restorations

Most patients experience tooth decay at some point in their lives and sometimes there is little to do to prevent it. While all dentists can offer you functional restorations, only a cosmetic dentist can give you attractive ones, which can maintain the aesthetics of your smile. For instance, a cosmetic dentist in Stevenage will use composite white fillings and crowns instead of metal ones.

Avoid wear and tear

Last but not least, a cosmetic dentist in Stevenage can help protect your teeth from regular wear and tear. If your bite is not properly aligned, some of your teeth may be exposed to extreme force. This can cause wear and tear or even lead to chipping and cracking.

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