Why Visit A Hygienist?

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Some people who regularly attend six monthly check ups with their Southampton dentist may wonder why they need bother with making a separate appointment with the hygienist. Dental hygienists are an important part of any dental team and are specially trained to give additional care to patients. Their main role is to educate patients about preventative dental care and to treat gum disease, by showing them the correct way to care for their teeth at home. They’re also there to advice on all matters to do with oral health. Their job role can be divided into 4 main categories which are designed to help each and every patient, so why not read on to see how you can benefit.

Southampton dentist1. Giving advice on oral hygiene

  • Showing a patient an effective brushing technique which will remove plaque without damaging tooth enamel or causing gums to recede
  • Advising on the best way to clean in between the teeth and what aids to use
  • Discussing tried and tested oral products, as well as those products new to the market.

2. Helping you to have a clean and healthy mouth

Polishing your teeth to remove stains from food and drink

Helping improve gums to turn them from red and inflamed to healthy pink

Preventing gums from bleeding when brushing

Preventing bad breath and unpleasant taste in the mouth caused by bacteria

Preventing teeth from loosening and drifting

3. Preventing and treating periodontal disease

  • Explaining just what periodontal disease is; secondary factors that can cause it, eg smoking and diabetes; how it can affect other health conditions such as heart disease
  • Giving detailed oral hygiene instructions
  • Removing plaque and tartar

4. Prevention of tooth decay and cavities

  • Discussing in detail why tooth decay and erosion occurs
  • Advising on using fluoride and sugar free chewing gum
  • Giving dietary advice with regard to cutting down intake of sugar and acidic food and drinks

Here at Smilemakers our hygienists are also qualified to administer local anaesthetics, seal children’s teeth and carry out tooth whitening. Always having time to answer your questions, we couldn’t be without them! If you’re looking for a friendly Southampton dental clinic with highly experienced dentists and a fantastic support team, then why not contact us on 02380 442626 or call in to see us. If you’re in need of tooth replacement, teeth straightening, or even fancy a smile makeover, then as a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, we can help in that respect too. Why not take a look at our website at www.smilemakers.co.uk to find out more.

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