Why visiting your dentist regularly is vital for your health and wellbeing

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Your dentist should be considered a vital member of your team not just in terms of looking after your oral health, but in terms of your general health and wellbeing, too. At Smilemakers dental clinic in Southampton, we offer a full spectrum of general dentistry, with our focus firmly on preventative care.

dental-healthGood oral health is important for more than just your teeth and gums. Gum disease has been linked to a number of other health concerns, including heart disease and diabetes, whilst losing teeth can have a serious impact on your ability to eat a healthy diet and maintain adequate nutrition. You need to visit your dentist regularly to avoid these problems, and to treat any issues promptly should they arise.

We are passionate about preventative dentistry at our Southampton clinic. Preventative dentistry strives to reduce the need for avoidable dental treatment such as fillings and tooth extractions, helping to keep your teeth and gums in optimum condition.

At Smilemakers in Southampton, we believe that effective preventative care involves team work. Your dentist, your hygienist, and yourself have to work together and develop an effective dental care regime, including regular visits to the dental practice.

The frequency with which you need to visit the dentist will depend on your individual health and requirements. It varies from every three months to once a year; your dentist will advise you how often to come to our Southampton clinic and you should follow that advice.

What your dentist will do

Your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination, including taking x-rays as necessary. Often, they will be able to spot early warning signs of such problems as tooth decay even before you’ve experienced any symptoms. They will check for signs of oral cancer, and treat any problems immediately.

What your hygienist will do

The hygienist will professionally clean your teeth to remove all traces of plaque. They play an important role in fighting gum disease, and will help you develop a good home cleaning routine.

What you need to do

  • Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly.
  • Follow their advice in terms of home routine and diet.

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