Why You May Need To Consider Teeth Whitening Before Crowns

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As we’ve discussed on our other blogs, there are plenty of advantages to getting your teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist in Southampton and indeed your lovely bright smile can fill you with renewed confidence and make you feel good in yourself. However, one question that is often raised by our patients concerns teeth whitening after dental treatments. Tooth whitening treatments are often used once a brace has been removed and it can also be used with a number of other cosmetic dental treatments such as crowns.

What are dental crowns exactly?

cosmetic dentist in SouthamptonDental crowns are commonly used to repair teeth that are damaged or unsightly and work by covering the entire tooth. They can be used to improve a tooth’s shape, appearance, or alignment. They’re also used to top a dental implant. The crown is also tooth coloured and is a great way of hiding an old discoloured filling.

It’s this natural looking tooth colour that can present a problem for many patients since often it is whiter than their natural teeth and thus stands out, making their other teeth look dark and dingy. This can lead to patients feeling a loss of confidence and wondering whether they can improve their oral hygiene to somehow match the whiteness of the crown.

So what can be done?

A solution to this dilemma is to whiten existing teeth so that your porcelain crowns can be colour matched to the shade of your newly whitened teeth. Although teeth whitening isn’t always necessary prior to having crowns fitted, as a cosmetic dentist in Southampton we’re confident in saying that since crowns have a look that is naturally white, then tooth whitening is only going to enhance the overall look of your restored smile. Tooth whitening will help you prepare for the fitting of your crowns so that the end result looks totally natural with crowns that are shaped and coloured to your existing whitened teeth.

Is it safe to whiten teeth before having crowns fitted?

Yes, absolutely provided you steer clear of cheap over-the-counter home whitening treatments which often produce uneven and patchy results. It’s recommend that you ask your Southampton dentist about their professional home whitening kits or power treatments to ensure the very best results. Once you’ve had the treatment done, it’s best to wait for about a month before having crowns fitted.

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